Common Law Freedoms. Article 6

Common Law – Article 6
Mirrored from an original post by me elsewhere and originally Posted on February 24, 2012
Common Law Freedoms (Constitutional freedoms)

To help you in your own quest, I’ve put links on my main web site to many impeccable sources (including government, university, educational, lawful and legal sources), and urge you check this all out for yourselves. My main web site can be found here Perhaps, you will even join me in ‘LAWFUL REBELLION’ until such time that our demands are met for a fair and just society, with respect for its people, its representatives and its judiciary.

I would like to recommend that you please (my US friends particularly), check out the videos below, in order to understand exactly what you need to know. Watch Charlie Sprinkle himself explain to you, what you Californians should’ve been doing for years! Think of the money you would’ve saved! All those poor Californians ‘mugged’ by your own Government, report them all to the FBI.

This video (below) explains the position on ‘commercial’ activity and driving.

Now watch Charlie…

When is a statue of this man going to appear in California? Overlooking the highway would be appropriate in my opinion!

2 thoughts on “Common Law Freedoms. Article 6

  1. Where do you come up with all these articles? Just thought I would let you know that I think the information you have on your web site is truly first class. I was not aware of much of what you say or indeed the web sites you point to in your articles. All I can say is if anyone reads this blog and this comment, then let me tell you James’ blog is the best there is out there. Yes you could maybe find one or two similar tales but not the rich web site links to real law on the subject and not anything like the articles in themselves. If only my newspaper was as well written and as informative.

    Good Luck to you James.

    • Hi Bruce,

      Thank you for your very kind words and you may be interested to know that, I often get some comments posted on the subject of ‘Common Law’ on The Daily Mail web site (I write under the pseudonym of ‘Keeper Of The Light), so you could try reading their online version first and see if it meets your needs.

      With regards to my blog, there’s a great deal of fascinating stuff to come for the winter months…something to read about when there’s nothing on TV (most nights!!!), so look back again and thank you once more for taking the time to post your kind remarks.

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